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Maria 63 Radio Frequency Skin Tightening Device
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Maria 63
RF beauty device

A beauty instrument to tighten and lift your skin with new generation radio frequency technology. In caring for the skin, the RF treatment dynamically reaches the deep layers of the skin and muscle tissue. Maria 63 RF home-use beauty device has been clinically proven to smooth wrinkles, firm the skin, rebuild and remodel collagen fibres without any pain. 

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Venus Max
All in One skincare

An all rounded facial beauty device with the combination of 5 expert modes to meet your demand on routine skin treatment (UP + MFIP + VR + EMS + LED Therapy). This high-tech and multi-purpose beauty machine can be used from the face to the neck. Fight against skin fatigue, break the curse of time, and enjoy a new skincare experience.

Vens Max All in One Facial Anti-aging beauty instrument
ellephilo theia lux LED therapy beauty machine beauty mask
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Theia Lux
lED Beauty Mask

This anti-ageing LED light beauty mask with 4 combinations of light therapy to rejuvenate your skin. FDA cleared flexible silicone material is 100% skin friendly and suitable for all skin types. It ensures the light better penetrate every corner of the face. Add this beauty device to get one-stop solution to tighten the skin, reduce wrinkles, eliminate acne and promote collagen.

Maria 63


RF Facial Treatment

Tighten & Lift The Skin

Venus Max


All In One 5-Mode

One Stop Facial Solution

Theia Lux


LED Light Therapy

Anti-Ageing LED Therapy



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ELLEPHILO is a young company. The brand was set up in May 2020. We wanted to create a range of advanced home-use beauty products that would make a difference, by upholding the philosophy that “make beauty simplified.”


We pride ourselves on creating stylish & stress-free beauty products catering to both young women and mature females.


We’re here to share our skincare know-how with you, to bring you the beauty knowledge & technology, and share in the journeys we make.

Why choose EP?

Passion & Expertise

We have our own utility patents and others. Our R&D Dept. is passionate about evolving the product line.

100% Safe to Use

We are committed to the development of innovative & high quality products and have CE, RoHs & FCC certificates.

customer satisfaction

To gain further suggestions for improvements, we always listen to our clients. Our satisfaction runs over 97%!

2-Year Warranty

At ELLEPHILO, safety runs through everything we do. All our beauty products have 2-year warranty.

Knowledge of Home Beauty Devices

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