An Ultimate Guide of Radio Frequency Beauty Instrument

What is radio frequency technology?

Radiofrequency is an abbreviation of electromagnetic waves with high-frequency alternating current, and the frequency range is between 300KHz~300GHz. It is to say: A current (alternating current) whose size and direction vary with the period between the positive and negative electrodes. The electric field and the magnetic field generated by the current generate electromagnetic waves. The cycle of this electromagnetic wave fluctuation is 300,000 times /sec to 300,000,000,000 times/sec.


The main effect of RF therapy is to promote collagen regeneration.

How does it work?

The RF (Radio Frequency) current frequency is 300K-300GHz, which generates heat as it passes through the skin tissue. When the heat in the dermis layer accumulates to a certain extent, the existing collagen molecules shrink, and at the same time, the fibroblasts (responsible for producing collagen molecules) produce new collagen molecules. As the natural wound healing reaction, it triggers the formation of new collagen and improves further skin contraction, tightening, and lifting effect. As a non-invasive technology, RF has been widely and safely used to reduce facial wrinkles and sagging.


Four main factors affect the final effect, namely: the highest temperature reached by the dermis, the time of action, skin water content, and skin age (Kaplan & Gat, 2009).

Unipolar RF, Bipolar RF VS Multipolar RF

The main types of RF beauty technology in the current market are divided into three: Unipolar RF, Bipolar RF, and Multipolar RF.

Unipolar RF schematic diagram

Unipolar RF

The unipolar RF has only one electrode, and the other "electrode" is the human body, which produces electromagnetic fields between each other. Unipolar RF is the first generation of RF technology. The RF energy spreads from top to bottom can reach a very deep depth. In most settings, unipolar RF gives us the chance for deep processing. However, the depth of action of unipolar RF on the skin is difficult to control. At the same time, due to the high current density, it is relatively easier to have pain. It has high requirements on the implementation environment, equipment, and users. So, it’s not friendly for home use. The well-known Unipolar RF therapies are Thermage, Thermolift, etc., which are commonly used for medical beauty.

Bipolar RF schematic diagram

Bipolar RF

Bipolar RF has two electrodes: one positive and one negative. The two electrodes of bipolar RF are attached to the surface of the skin at the same time, and the energy travels from the positive pole to the negative one, forming a semi-circular loop. Bipolar RF energy is stronger when the electric field lines are closer to the skin surface; similarly, when the electric field lines are farther away from the skin, the energy is weaker. Therefore, it doesn’t mean more electrodes or the deeper depth makes better. It is judged by the distribution of effective energy.

Compared with unipolar RF, bipolar RF is more precise in controlling the area of action than unipolar RF, but it still cannot achieve efficient energy focusing. At present, most home beauty devices on the market are bipolar RF or a variant of bipolar RF such as NEWA and Silk’n Facetite. See below schematic diagrams (Silk’n, NEWA & Maria 63).

Multipolar RF schematic diagram

Multipolar RF

In fact, the difference between bipolar RF and multipolar RF is unclear to many people. Even if there are more electrodes, it can only be referred to as “multi bipolar RF” if there is a one-to-one correspondence between the positive electrode and negative electrode. The multipolar RF corresponds to a one-to-one correspondence between the positive and negative poles of a bipolar RF. AMIRO is one of the most popular multipolar RF beauty instruments. The benefit of multipolar RF is that it can achieve uniform energy focus in the overlapped region, resulting in better results at lower power levels.

Are Home Radiofrequency Beauty Devices Safe and Effective?

RF beauty instrument is one of the most effective home beauty instruments for anti-aging!

RF beauty instrument is one of the most effective home beauty instruments for anti-aging!

RF beauty instrument is one of the most effective home beauty instruments for anti-aging!


RF beauty instruments work on the concept of “selective electric heating”. When electromagnetic waves of a specific frequency pass through the epidermis and reach the dermis, they will resonate strongly with cell molecules. The resonance generates heat that heats the dermal collagen. When the temperature reaches 43 degrees, the atrophic fibers in the skin can be disrupted and recombined to complete reconstruction, restore its firmness & elasticity, and reduce wrinkles.

<p>Temperature over 43° can stimulate collagen regeneration</p>

WHY RF Therapy?

📌In 2002, US FDA officially approved RF beauty devices for facial wrinkle improvement. In 1920, Lakhovsky proposed that living cells were a complete circuit that became the theoretical basis of RF for biological management, and in November 2002, FDA officially approved radio frequency for the improvement of wrinkles around the eyes;


📌Hundreds of professional clinical effects have proved that the home radio frequency beauty instrument can significantly improve facial wrinkles. According to the research results of “Radiofrequency in Cosmetic Dermatology“, at a temperature of 43℃, an exposure time ranging from the 90s to 5 mins is necessary to induce collagen remodeling;


📌In a study of more than 1000 users of home RF beauty instruments, 90% of them reported noticeable improvements in wrinkles after 3 weeks of consistent use. See below details.

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Lighten Skin
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Reduce Eyebag
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Improve Fine Lines
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Smoothen Skin

RFQ of RF Beauty Instruments

1. Does the higher frequency of the RF beauty instrument make it more effective?

The literature review on radio frequency beauty instruments published by Dr. Arauo AR noted that the frequencies used by radio frequency beauty instruments worldwide (mainly medical) are distributed between 1MHz and 6MHz, and the frequency of 4MHz can be used for minimally invasive cutting tissues and blood vessels, as a result of which, most domestic RF beauty instruments use 1MHz as a standard for the output frequency to ensure maximum safety. Thus, when the frequency is high, the control ability of the instrument and the manipulation of the operator becomes more critical.

2. Is the gel for the RF beauty device necessary to be used? If so, which gel works best?

Radiofrequency beauty instruments are like X-ray machines that use the gel as a coupling agent. The main purpose is to avoid generating the shortest electric field line between two magnetic heads. When the device is on, the positive and negative magnetic heads will find the best way to connect, i.e., the straight-line distance between the two points. As this part of the RF energy is the most powerful, it easily burns the skin surface. The gel acts as a barrier to protect your skin.


Also, when the dermis layer is heated by radio frequency, maintaining a continuous thermal environment in the dermis layer is necessary to achieve collagen regeneration. Using gel can ensure keeping the temperature constant for as long as possible. What‘s more, the RF gel can minimize the loss of radiofrequency energy during the transfer process to the skin. These are the most important benefits of gels. In our opinion, all water-based gels work well.

3.There’re many different types of RF heads, which works best?

Normally, there’re three types: dot-shaped, bar-shaped, and ring-shaped.


Dot-shaped Electrode Heads: As the contact area is small, the heat is very concentrated. To prevent uneven heating of the skin, you need to move the machine around in circles when using.


Bar-shaped Electrode Heads: The contact area is bigger than the dot-shaped ones. The skin could be evenly heated.


Ring-shaped Electrode Heads: The energy rises steadily that it heats the skin in a balanced way.

4.Can the radio frequency device dissolve fat?

No, it can’t. The home RF beauty instrument is usually a Bipolar or Multipolar radio frequency, with an action depth of up to 2mm, making it impossible to penetrate the fat layer. And the energy of the home RF machine is limited and it’s not enough to dissolve fat.

5.Are home RF beauty machines suitable for everyone?

Home RF beauty device is suitable for most people. While the following groups are excluded:

a) People who are during menstruation, pregnancy, or lactation;

b) Patients suffering from heart disease, hemophilia, bleeding disorders, dermatitis, diabetes, or malignant tumors;

c) Undergone plastic surgery within 3 months (facial injection is included);

d) Metal objects in the teeth should be avoided when treating this part of the skin.

6. How often can I use RF beauty machine?

We would recommend using up to 3 times per week. To give your skin a rest, it’s best to leave it a day or more between uses.  

🎗NOTE: For everyone, please pay attention to avoid the thyroid area when using RF beauty instruments.

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