Do home LED Light Therapy beauty machines really work?

An Ultimate Guide of Home LED Light Beauty Instrument.

Does the LED therapy beauty mask that costs hundreds of dollars really work?


What’re the differences between home-use LED beauty instruments and professional machines in beauty salons?


How to use the LED beauty machine properly? What precautions should I take?


Do you also have these questions about LED beauty devices? All your confusion would be cleared after you read this blog.

What is LED?

LED means light-emitting diode. Despite being in use since the 1960s, skin treatments with these lights have just recently become more prevalent.

Over the past years, LEDs have demonstrated promising results in wound healing and human tissue growth. It is likely that this penetration triggers biological processes that help the skin heal and rejuvenate.

A variety of skin conditions have been treated with medical LED therapy, including acne vulgaris, psoriasis, keratosis, precancerous tissue and wound healing.

What are the functions of LED therapy beauty devices? How does it work?

You might find that the LED beauty machines have been given a lot of functions: remove acne, reduce wrinkles, treat rosacea, smooth & tighten the skin, etc. Then, here might be your first question: does it really work?


Honestly speaking: YES! It works very well.


In essence, LED therapy is an application of LED light projected onto our skin, which can cause a series of chemical reactions into our cells to generate the beauty effect by using different wavelengths. Low-energy LED light is absorbed by light receptor mitochondria in the skin to speed up metabolism & reduce inflammation. It’s a 100% pain-free, comfortable, non-invasive skincare treatment with multiple benefits like promoting the growth of collagen, killing pimples caused by bacteria, accelerating cell metabolism rate, lightening red bloodshot, and so on.


The key parameters of LED therapy are wavelength, energy, and time.

Colors, Wavelengths, and Effects of LEDs

Different LEDs emit different wavelengths, which show different visible colors. There’re commonly five LEDs applied to home beauty machines: Red LED (635-650nm), Blue LED (420-480nm), Green LED (530-550NM), Yellow LED (570-600nm), and Infrared Red (810-880nm).

Red LED (Anti-Aging): It can enhance skin whitening and collagen production; increase cellular metabolism, accelerate inflammatory reaction speed, and even promote hair growth.

Blue LED (Anti-Acne): It can treat acne, be anti-inflammatory, and reduce stimulation sensitivity. The treatment of blue LED irradiation is very effective if the pores are caused by bacillus propionibacterium acne.

Green LED (Skin Balance): It helps reduce pigmentation and relieve redness.

Yellow LED (Reduce Redness): It is able to accelerate lymphatic circulation, anti-sensitivity, eliminate redness caused by inflammation; also has a converging effect on blood vessel dilation.

Infrared Red (Boost Effects): It’s an invisible LED. It can deliver energy to the cells to promote skin tissue repair, stimulate healing and relieve pains.

LED beauty machine

What’re the differences between home-use LED beauty instruments and professional machines in beauty salons?

In simple terms, LED facial beauty instruments for home use focus on a pleasing aesthetic appearance, safety, ease of use, and stability. While the professional medical LED beauty machines pay more attention to achieving the desired beauty outcome and safety.


Home LED beauty machine is an ideal economical anti-aging product for daily beauty rituals.

📌Attention: Even home LED beauty device does work, there’s still a gap compared to the medical LED treatment in the beauty salon.

The benefits of LED phototherapy for beauty

LED therapy has three major advantages: wide fitness for use, easy-to-operate, and no side effects.


Wide-Fitness: Common radio frequency and EMS techniques have limitations in many ways. For example, in cases of plastic surgery, facial filling, metal in the mouth, inflammation on the skin, and allergic dermatitis, are not recommended to apply RF & EMS beauty products.


While LED light therapy is non-contact, it has no electricity and obvious heat. With its pure light characteristics, it can be used normally. You don’t need to worry about allergies and sensitive skin.


Easy to Use: Just turn on the LED beauty machine, put your face close to it, treat for 10-15 minutes, then turn it off. You’re done!

📌But LED phototherapy also has its own limitations.

i. The effective time is long. Because of its low-energy and mild characteristics, the effective time will be longer than that of radio frequency instruments, EMS, and other electrical technologies. You’d better be patient and it will work out.


ii. Cannot look directly into the eyes. We do not advise users to look directly at LED light due to potential eye impairment.

What shall we pay attention to when choosing a home LED beauty device?

There are four main types on the market: hand-held LED, LED mask, LED pen, and LED mirror. See below collections.

Pros & cons

LED Beauty Machine Types for Home Use
hand held LED

Hand-held LED

Hand-Held LED is the earliest home LED beauty product. It’s light, easy to use, and very travel-friendly. However, the problem with this type of LED machine is it should take a much longer period to see the visible results compared to the others. The study shows LED light therapy should be continuously taken at least 5 minutes every time to generate the effect. So if you’d try to use it to treat the whole face, your hands would be dead tired then.

neutrogenar led pen


LED pen is the smallest LED beauty instrument. In fact, it’s designed for acne treatment only. When you have several small pimples on your face, it’s a good helper. Small and compact, you can carry it wherever you go.

Theia Lux LED Light Beauty Mask

LED Mask

LED mask beauty machine is very popular in recent two years. It’s a clever design that LEDs irradiation can perfectly cover the whole face at a time, which is hand-free to operate the product.

LED Mirror beauty machine

LED Mirror

LED mirror beauty products has come onto the market many years ago. The pro of this machine is the large area of exposure. However, mirror-typed LED beauty machine is not very recommended. It is expensive and not eye-friendly. When you use a mirror-typed LED device, please be careful to protect your eyes and keep the machine 20~30cm away from your face. Keep yourself alone in the room in order to avoid causing others’ visual impairment.

LED Mask Beauty Products

There are many types of LED mask beauty products available on the market. But how do we find the best one? The key parameters of LED beauty masks are wavelength, LED bead amounts, LED light density, and LED modes.

wavelength, color & penetration

Wavelength & Penetration

In order to penetrate tissues and therefore reach their target, the wavelength of the light is the most important factor. A summary of the parameters of different wavelengths of LEDs, along with their penetration in Table.

Depth of Light Energy Penetration

LED Wavelength penetration into skin

LED Beads

When you choose a LED beauty mask, it’s important to check how many LED beads it has. The amount of LED beads directly influences the beauty results. It’s clear that adding more LED beads can increase the range of irradiation, which improves the beauty effect. Of course, the product cost would be higher.

LED Light Density

In general, the output of LED light should be sufficient. Look at the amount of LED beads to check out the light density. Under the premise of the same area, more LED beads with larger power generate better beauty results.

LED Modes

Another key is about LED modes. You might find 2 modes, 3 modes, or even 5 modes machines on the market, for example, 2 modes mean there’re 2 different LEDs like Red & Blue LED. But it doesn’t mean more modes result in the best. Red, Blue & Yellow LEDs are the major functions. You’d better carefully consider your skin condition and demand when you select the beauty device.

Popular LED Beauty Masks on Market

This transparent LED mask is very simple, light, and cheap. It is wireless that you can go anywhere when you use it.


However, the energy of this product is too low that it takes a much longer time to see the effects.

It’s a popular type of LED beauty mask on market. The instrument has enough LED beads to meet your beauty demands.


But the device is made of plastic so it’s not comfortable to wear. Also, the mask is with a wire that you cannot treat it on the go.

This Korean-made beauty mask would be the best option with 680 LED beads. You can discover the visible effects in a short time.


Obviously, this beauty product is very expensive to afford and it is a little heavy compare to the others.

With its flexible silicone, this beauty mask wraps around your face more comfortably than other plastic ones.  


The product has 180 LED beads with 5 modes, which can satisfy all your skincare needs. It’s also travel-friendly.

What precautions should we take when using LED Therapy?

📌 Any LED mode should be applied for no more than 30 minutes at a time, usually 10-15 minutes is fine. For sensitive skin, 10 minutes is ideal. If there are too many pimples on your face, switch the LED mode in intervals of at least 10 minutes. Be careful not to change modes too often.
📌 It’s a good idea to apply your favorite essence skincare products before using LED beauty instruments. This would help your skin absorb faster.
📌 Avoid using any whitening skincare products before using an LED device. Many of them contain photosensitive ingredients. Apply them after LED irradiation.
📌 If you use the LED beauty machine in the daytime, please pay attention to the suncare. Or it would burn your skin get dark.
📌 Do not use Blue LED very often. It is recommended to treat twice a week, with 10 -15 minutes at a time.
📌 Undergone plastic surgery within 3 months, including facial injection, shall not use LED beauty devices.
📌 LED therapy can also be used for your neck.
📌Photosensitive dermatoses or those taking photosensitizing medications are not recommended to use LED therapy.
📌 You can apply your favorite hydrating face mask to achieve better results when used with LED beauty devices.

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