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When we age over 30, collagen volume drops off in the skin, resulting in the appearance of wrinkles and sagging. An anti-ageing beauty instrument to tighten and lift your skin with new generation radio frequency technology. In caring for the skin, the RF treatment dynamically reaches the deep layers of the skin and muscle tissue.


Maria 63 RF home-use beauty device has been clinically proven to smooth wrinkles, firm the skin, rebuild and remodel collagen fibres without any pain. It’s 100% safe, effective and non-invasive. The skin elasticity could be improved by up to 20% after regular use. You simply need to use it for 3 minutes a day, 4-5 times a week for best results.

EP Maria 63 RF Beauty Device


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carry RF to the deeper layers of skin

By applying the six-pole RF technology, Maria 63 RF cosmetology apparatus can send thermal energy to the dermis. After the thermal energy is transferred to the dermis, collagen is regenerated, and the skin is raised again, to tighten up the skin and reduce fine lines and wrinkles, which make skin full, tight, delicate, and tender.

1 MHZ Radio Frequency

EP RF beauty device with 1MHz Radio Frequency, offers professional quality treatments to tighten and lift the skin up visibly.

100% Skin Friendly - Nickel Free

Maria 63 radio frequency beauty instrument uses nickel-free stainless steel probe that it’s 100% skin friendly. There’s nothing to worry about skin allergies.

3 Level Heat Settings with smart care

Maria 63 RF facial device has 3 level heat settings that you can set the warm sensation to fit your own preferences. The intelligent sensor alerts you when the skin has been in contact with the probe for every 3 mins to avoid excessive use. The apparatus will automatically shut down if there’s no operation for 15 mintues.


Stunning Before & After

After 30 days’ treatment (treat the face or neck three times a week to get full benefits), you will find it surprisingly efficient.  Seriously, add it to cart right here and wow. 

*Use water based gel, and do not use oily products.

Daily Beauty Ritual Guideline

How to use it?

Step 1: Apply the gel to the area you’d like to treat.

Step 2: Long press POWER button to turn on and select a mode.

Step 3: Put the tool onto your skin and move it around.

Step 4:  Clean off the gel and apply moisturiser to your face.

*We would recommend using up to 3 times per week. Please pay attention to avoid the thyroid area when under treatment.

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